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Christina Peterson - West Jordan High

“In all of Utah, Photoumbra is the BEST place to get your photo shoot taken for any special moment. Especially Senior Portraits! I am so happy I found this awesome photography company to be able to take my pictures because I am so pleased with the outcome!!”

Bo Jensen - Herriman High

“My mom loved it! Monica and Jacob were fun and made it painless. Monica is very artistic and has an eye for what makes a great picture. ”

Veronika Hansen - Evanston High

“My experience with Photoumbra was just amazing! Monica and Jake made me feel comfortable and beautiful! They made me laugh and I could be myself around them. I recommend Photoumbra Seniors to everyone and anyone who wants beautiful and unique pictures!”

Ashton Jones - Valley High

“I thought it was Amazing! I seriously had so much more fun than I thought I was going to have. When Monica has a “vision,” like the lily pads in the river, you should go with her on it! She has amazing ideas! I love Photoumbra so much, I am so glad I chose them for my senior portraits! I would recommend them to everyone and anyone! They are really the right choice. So unique and YOU!”

Rosey Goodrich - Delta High

“It was awesome! It was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. The pictures turned out awesome!”

Heidi Fishburn - Davis High

“I loved working with Monica and Mirinda. They made me feel so comfortable and natural. They were so great at giving me ideas on how to pose and even better at taking my suggestions!”

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