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How much do you charge?

We charge separately for our session and print packages. That way, you can customize your portrait experience to get exactly what you want. Our Sessions start at $75 and our Packages start at $299. Please see the "Pricing" tab for more information.

When do I pay for my session fee and what does it include?

Your session fee is required at the time of booking. The session fee covers the time and talent of the portrait artist. The session fee is non-refundable but may be applied towards a rescheduled session within 6 months with a minimum 48-72 hour notice of cancellation. Every session includes a pre-session planning consultation where we chat about fun ideas for your portraits, on-set wardrobe styling {we care about the details}, the best in professional lighting so you'll look amazing, magazine-style retouching on every image purchased, and an online viewing and ordering gallery just days after your session.

What kind of products do you offer?

We have a huge line of quality products. Our most popular products aside from our custom archival prints are our designer graduation and holiday cards, our albums (especially our Brag Mag), framed and canvas mounted wall portraits, and our custom photo jewelry is also very popular.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.

When do I get to see my images after the session?

About 3-4 days following your session you'll be sent an email with a link to your private online preview & ordering gallery. You will have 7 days to place your order online or via telephone. Prices will automatically double after the 7 days without exception. This policy helps us to serve all of our clientele in a very timely manner. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we offer an interest free 1-4 month payment plan. At least 25% of your order total is due when placing the order and the other 75% will be divided into payments. Your order will be available to pick up upon completion of your final payment. A primary and backup credit card or postdated checks are required to qualify for the payment plan.

How long will it take to get my order?

Most of our orders are fulfilled and available for pickup approximately 1-2 weeks after your order was placed. Our framed wall art and albums typically take 2-3 weeks.

What happens if I can't make my appointment?

We understand that unexpected events come up, whether due to illness, scheduling confilicts, travel delays or emergencies. If you need to reschedule, please call us as soon as possible (at least 24-48 hours in advance). While our session fees are non-refundable, you may use it for a one-time reschedule (if called within the 24-48 hour window) within 6 months of your original appointment date.

Can I buy the digital files of my session?

Yes, we offer high-resolution digital files with a reprint release form. Pricing will depend on how many images you would like to purchase. (See our Pricing tab)

What if I want to make a copy of my image?

All images remain the property of Photoumbra Studios and are protected under federal copyright laws. Duplication in part or whole (whether by scanning or reprinting) is stricly prohibited and eligible for prosecution. We kindly ask that you respect our livelyhood and not illegally copy or redistribute the images. A reprint release form is included with every digital image purchase. In this case, you may reprint as many copies and you'd like! 

Can you ship my order to me?

Absolutely, just let us know when you place your order, shipping and handling fees apply.

How long will you keep my files?

Images not ordered will be removed from our system within 30-90 days of your ordering deadline. Ordered images are archived for 3-4 years.

What kind of outfits should I bring?

For families we recommend selecting 3-4 colors for you to base everyone's wardrobe on. Do not try and dress everyone alike unless you want your portrait to look like it was from the 80's. In that case, please make sure everyone gets a perm before the session.

For graduates we recommend bringing a couple more outfits than we will use. This will allow us to have some extra pieces to select from and mix and match. We want you to bring clothes that you love, something conservative, something fun, something crazy! Jeans, shirts, hats, scarves, prom dresses, and jewelry! Also, don't forget some props like musical instruments you play, sport's accessories, or anything else you are into!

Hair and makeup tips:

If you will be getting your hair colored or cut prior to your session, we recommend doing it a week or so before in case it doesn't come out exactly how you want. Please come to your session with your all hair and makeup done. Headbands, hair ties, cute clips and hats can mix up your style in just minutes, so bring some accessories with you! Wear your makeup a little heavier then you normally do because the camera tends to underplay your makeup just a bit. It's a good idea to also bring your makeup bag so you can apply some touchups if needed. Avoid getting sunburns before your session. Brush teeth, make sure your nail polish isn't chipped and if you have obvious tan lines, please wear something to cover them.  

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